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API get DHCP lease related info

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     I want use API to obtain DHCP lease ip all related info , need include lease allocation and end time .
I can not found this from API guide , so is this possible ? If yes , what API can help achieve ?


Any help will be appreciated.

Re: API get DHCP lease related info

MRichard Community Manager
Community Manager
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curl -k1 -u admin:infoblox -X GET ',starts,ends,tstp,binding_state,hardware,uid&_return_as_object=1'

If there's a large number of leases, you will need to request them in pages.  Here's how you request them 10 at a time.  (10 is good for an example, 1000 is more realistic in an automated script...)

curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET ',starts,ends,tstp,binding_state,hardware,uid&_paging=1&_return_as_object=1&_max_results=10'

which returns:

    "next_page_id": "789c5...",
    "result": [
    <lots of leases>

For next page, use that next_page_id value in the request:

curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET ''

This returns another next_page_id, which goes into the next page request.  repeat until next_page_id is empty, this means all pages have been returned


Re: API get DHCP lease related info

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Dear MRichard,

       Many thank your reply ! You reply is helpful !


        But i am confusing about API return lease Start and End time . I can not match return value with lease real time .


For example :

In my lab , lease  Start time is :2018-07-16 10:35:06 CST ,

and lease End time is :2018-07-16 22:35:06 CST  ;


But API return lease Start and End time is strange number:


<value type="object">
<ends type="int">1531751706</ends>
<starts type="int">1531708506</starts>


Do you know how to match these API return "int number" with lease real time ?





Re: API get DHCP lease related info

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Hi King, You can use to convert the epodch to human readable data and time. BR, Simon
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