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Correct usage / syntax on "allow_update" field

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Hi Infoblox Experts!


I'm adding authoritative reverse zones using Powershell, using the below:

$data = '{"fqdn": "'+$Name+'","zone_format": "IPV4","view":"Internal","ns_group":"Internal","use_allow_update":true}'

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $URL -Method Post -Credential $Creds -Body $data -ContentType "application/json"


The above works fine, however, when I want to use the "allow_update": field to appoint a named ACL, I can't find the right syntax to do that, always get 400 error.


Few examples I've tried but all fail e.g.:


$data = '{"fqdn": "'+$Name+'","zone_format":

"IPV4","view":"Internal","ns_group":"Internal","use_allow_update":true,"allow_update":[{"namedacl":"TEST DDNS Updaters"}/"Allow"]}'



$data = '{"fqdn": "'+$Name+'","zone_format": "IPV4","view":"Internal","ns_group":"Internal","use_allow_update":true,"allow_update":[{"namedacl":"TEST DDNS Updaters"}]}'



$data = '{"fqdn": "'+$Name+'","zone_format": "IPV4","view":"Internal","ns_group":"Internal","use_allow_update":true,"allow_update":[{"namedacl":"TEST DDNS Updaters/Allow"}]}'



$data = '{"fqdn": "'+$Name+'","zone_format": "IPV4","view":"Internal","ns_group":"Internal","use_allow_update":true,"allow_update":"TEST DDNS Updaters"}'


Could you give an example of how the "allow_update" should look like, preferably even a PS example please?


Thank you!

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