Limit on Number of Records in WAPI PUT Operations

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Hey y'all,


I'm trying to allow for the management of our DDNS ACE list using the Web API, but I'm running into 500 responses from Infoblox whien PUT-ing a list of more than 855 objects. I don't think I'm hitting an object limit in the database itself because I can continue to add entries through the UI. Is there a hard limit on the number of records that can be added with a PUT operation? Is there a way I can find more detail on the 500 errors I'm seeing?


Since there's no PATCH operation allowed with WAPI I have to GET then PUT the whole ACE list, which I understand is a very expensive operation. However, since Infoblox doesn't follow any kind of API-forward philosophy I'm at a loss as to if there's a better way to handle this problem.

Thanks in advance!


P.S. Yes, I know our list is gigantic and largely unmanageable, I want to clean it up, but that's out of my sphere of influence at the moment. 

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