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Can you create a host record via the API without a valid DNS name?

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I have a unique situation where I want to be able to add host records with extattributes however I don't wish to use a valid DNS hostname in the 'name' field. 


So basically I don't want to use the DNS functionality at all.


I seem to be able to do this via the GUI fine but just going into the network view and adding a new host. I am able to put anything in the 'name' field.


However if I try to add a host record via the API ( at least the ansible modules that I have tested I get the following error) 



"msg": "The action is not allowed. A parent was not found.", 

    "operation": "create_object", 

    "type": "AdmConDataError"


Is it possible to create a host record without a valid DNS name? 






Re: Can you create a host record via the API without a valid DNS name?

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Yes, just change the host naming policy first.  (Grid DNS properties) Either create a new regex policy to allow your new characters, or change the policy to allow any characters.


This isn't a good idea if you ever intend to serve DNS in this environment.  I'd reccomend instead following DNS naming standards and using the comments attribute or an EA to store non-standard data or descriptions.

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