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Create a host without DNS enabled

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For a project in order to use IPAM I am loading the company addressing system into Infoblox. Our addressing system includes networks with a DNS domain and networks without it and I was trying to load everything as DNS::Host.


I am having no issues with the DNS enabled networks but I haven't been able to build a Host with DNS disabled. It is some kind of catch 22.


Adding plain addresses as text and the system returns that for DNS disabled hosts it needs the address to belong to a network. Then I've seen that whenever I try the same using the UI it creates a DHCP::HostAddress so I've tried to create it but the creation fails because the field network is ReadOnly.


I have tried to pass the addresses as DHCP::FixedAddress objects with no luck.


Am I missing something? Any ideas?


I am using the perl SDK v


Thanks in advance.





Re: Create a host without DNS enabled

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Have you tried creating the Host record using:


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