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I am trying to update several dns entries through a script. When I run:


curl --tlsv1 --insecure --user userSmiley Tongueassword -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT "" -d '{"dns_integrity_enable": true}'


I get the following error:


{ "Error": "AdmConDataError: None (IBDataConflictError: IB.Data.Conflict:Assign a member before enabling DNS Integrity Check for mtcnet.net.)",
"code": "Client.Ibap.Data.Conflict",
"text": "Assign a member before enabling DNS Integrity Check for test.priv."


But if I go in and manually set a member it will work without issue. How can I assign it to a member using the wapi?


We have about 3000 of these to do and would rather not have to do them manually.


Thank you


Re: DNS_integrity_enable

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There is a dns_integrity_member parameter you can pass via the WAPI to assign the member for the integrity check.


Should look something like this:


-d '{"dns_integrity_enable": true, "dns_integrity_member": "membername"}'


where membername = the name of the Grid member you wish to associate.


Hope that helps!

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Re: DNS_integrity_enable

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Thank you very much adding that in worked perfectly.

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