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Encoded dhcp_client_identifier

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I am running on NIOS 8.0.4-349728.




To produce a list of all active dhcp leases in all networks, showing each lease's network, IP address, MAC addresse, and DHCP client type, via the REST api.


I have sucessfully obtained all the information except for the last field. The relevant URL path I use for the last step is as follows:





The returned objects contain "dhcp_client_identifier", which seems to be encoded / displayed in a different charset, e.g.




How do I decode/convert this value to ascii, although I am not sure what to expect?


I can see the client info displayed as "fingerprint" in the GUI, but it is not available via the api.


Any help is appreciated.


Re: Encoded dhcp_client_identifier

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dhcp_client_identifier is just a unique ID for the DHCP client inside the DHCP database.


Are you looking to get the DHCP fingerprint information for the device? If so you need to use _return_fields and add "fingerprint." Fingerprint is not shown in the default return fields.

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