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I was trying to get all DNS hosts from a specific range (for instance but I can't get it. Is there any way to achieve this?


I'm using WAPI through URL, not using Curl or Perl or Python.


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Re: Host by network

GHorne Community Manager
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you can query the /ipv4address and /ipv6address objects by either a range or a network.







For each address returned in the query, you will get a list of REFs to any DNS objects that are using that address:


        "_ref": "ipv4address/Li5pcHY0X2FkZHJlc3MkMS4wLjAuMS8w:", 
        "ip_address": "", 
        "is_conflict": false, 
        "mac_address": "", 
        "names": [
        "network": "", 
        "network_view": "default", 
        "objects": [
        "status": "USED", 
        "types": [
        "usage": [


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