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How to reclaim or unreserve IP via API ?

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Dear experts,


I would like to delete an "A record", "PTR record". This has been a host before (registered via API) but after the DNS entry I guess it has been transformed. This prevents me from deleting the host entry itself.


How can I "reclaim" this one or delete it via API, as in the GUI? Unfortunately, I have not found anything related to this action. A screenshot can be found below, clicking the link to my Box account.


I actually want to delete/unreserve everything related to a specific IP address in order to reuse it for another server afterwards .


Thank you in advance.




Re: How to reclaim or unreserve IP via API ?

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HI, I'm looking to delete IP4 reservation either through the API if I can get access to it or through web automation via selenium. Has anyone one done this? I hope someone responds to you. 

Re: How to reclaim or unreserve IP via API ?

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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A host that received a DDNS update will get turned into an A/PTR record. This is to support the behaviour of DDNS clients. that's probably what you saw.


To remove everything, do a search via the IPaddress :




That will give you references to all the objects that are using that address, then just pick the records or types that you want to get rid of.




Re: How to reclaim or unreserve IP via API ?

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For those of you using PowerShell, here's how to "reclaim" an IP address regardless of what type of record is assigned to it.  I hope this helps someone.


$ip = ""
$Credential = Get-Credential
$InfobloxURI = "https://infobloxserver/wapi/v1.3/ipv4address?ip_address=$ip"
$ips = Invoke-RestMethod -Method GET $InfobloxURI -Credential $Credential
$objects = $ips.objects
foreach ($object in $objects)
    $InfobloxURI = "https://infobloxserver/wapi/v1.3/$object"
    Invoke-RestMethod -Method DELETE $InfobloxURI -Credential $Credential

Don't forget to replace "infobloxserver" in the URI with the name or IP address of your Infoblox Grid Master.

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