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How to search for Ipv6 IP address and find the network

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1) When you create an IPv4 network in IPAM view, all the IP addresses in that network are created as objects by Infoblox.


2) When you create an IPv6 network in IPAM view, the individual addresses in that network are NOT created  as objects by Infoblox (probably to reduce the HUGE number of objects that could get created by a v6 network)


Using a WAPI call, I can always find the network or network container for an IPv4 address because the Ipv4 address object is always there.


But doing the same thing on a v6 address will not work because the v6 address object doesn't exist.


How do I find the network or network container for an IPv6 address that doesn't exist as an object using WAPI?  The actual v6 network object might not be there, but using the GUI I can still find the network and network container.  Look at the attached image.  How do I do this using the WAPI?SearchingForIpv6Address.JPG










Ex:  If I have a v6 network 1234:abcd:1234:abcd::/64, the IP address 1234:abcd:1234:abcd::1111 belongs to this network but there is no object of this IP address in Infoblox.  But, I can click on the main spyglass in the GUI, search for IP address "begins with" 1234:abcd:1234:abcd::1111 and get the network that this belongs to. 


How do I do this using WAPI?  If the GUI can do it, I should be able to do this via WAPI, but I can't find anything in the documentation that would allow me to do this? 


Thanks in advance.

Re: How to search for Ipv6 IP address and find the network

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For searching ipv6 networks, Your api call should be <apiurl>/wapi/v2.7.3/ipv6network?network~=2001:41f0:d201::/48

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