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IP address missing in Secondary zone

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I am currently developping a script to create PTR entries for all the A records we imported from our Windows domains. These domains remain authoritative and the corresponding zones are created in our Infoblox DNS as Secondary Authoritatives.


I adapted the documentation examples to fit my needs and fired queries like:

curl -k -u user:pass -X GET "https://grid-manager/wapi/v2.6.1/allrecords?_max_results=10&_return_fields=address,comment,creator,ddns_principal,ddns_protected,disable,dtc_obscured,name,reclaimable,record,ttl,type,view&view=default&zone=test.local"

I get a nice JSON response but only part of the fields I requested are available. More importantly, the field I'm the most interested in, the address, is missing !


Since I'm only interested in A records, I tried something else:

curl -k -u user:pass -X GET "https://grid-manager/wapi/v2.6.1/record:a?_return_fields=aws_rte53_record_info,cloud_info,comment,creation_time,creator,ddns_principal,ddns_protected,disable,discovered_data,dns_name,extattrs,forbid_reclamation,ipv4addr,last_queried,ms_ad_user_data,name,reclaimable,shared_record_group,ttl,use_ttl,view,zone&zone=test.local"

But the result is empty !


I checked with the same user using the web interface and I can see all the entries, IP addresses included. We temporarily gave the user all the rights but the result was just the same.


I also tried the "request" method, passing the same arguments in JSON but obviously, the result is just the same.


My question is hence: is it normal that I can get the IP addresses of zones for which the Infoblox DNS is secondary authoritative through the web interface but not through the API ? Is there some work around ?

Re: IP address missing in Secondary zone

MRichard Community Manager
Community Manager
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That is normal, you won't see records from dns secondary zones using API.   Those records aren't in the database, they are only held in memory on the appliances serving the secondary zone.



Re: IP address missing in Secondary zone

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This makes sense. I'll work with zone transfer then.


Thank you !

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