IPs are Unmanaged after Deleting Host Record

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My company is using InfoBlox for IPAM and DNS as a part of an automation Proof of Technology using RedHat CloudForms. I've written methods to create host records and then delete them via the API as a part of our VM provisioning/deprovisioning workflows.


When deleting the records, these IPs are then listed as "unmanaged" and are not returned as "avalible" by my REST calls. I'm wondering if there is another API call I can make to "re-manage" these IPs, or maybe an alternative way to delete the host record that opens the IP up as avalible again automatically.


I'm currently deleting the host record using the DELETE request suggested in The definitive list of REST examples.


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Re: IPs are Unmanaged after Deleting Host

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How you described that it looks like everything should work as expected by your.

You didn't provided any code/requests you made, so we can guess. Are you using nextavailableip to receive an available IP?




Re: IPs are Unmanaged after Deleting Host

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The 'Unmanaged' status is because the address still has some discovered data.
I've tried the following REST on my grid and it did clear the 'unmanaged' status of the IP :


you will have to put the following data in the POST body :


  "scope": "IP_ADDRESS",
  "network": "",
  "ip_address": "",
  "usage": "UNMANAGED"


Hope this helps,



Re: IPs are Unmanaged after Deleting Host

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I ended up using a POST very similar to this.


I pass all those keys/values as params.


Thank you for your reply.

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