Infoblox Perl API can't get dns statistics (tgz) trough MGMT

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When doing some tests with Perl API, I tried to get the DNS Statistics (dnsStats.tgz) trough MGMT Interface, but I was not able to get that file, When I Try the same trought the LAN interface (disabling MGMT temporaly) I was able to do this.
The Perl script I used:


use CGI qw(:standard);
use DBI;
use DBD::CSV;
use Crypt:Smiley FrustratedSLeay;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use XML:Smiley Tonguearser;
use Archive::Zip;
use Archive::Extract;
use Archive::Tar;
use Compress::Zlib;
use warnings;
use Diagnostics;
use strict;
use Infoblox;


my $timeStart= localtime;

print "Inicio de Tareas: $timeStart\n";

my $host_ip = "x.x.x.x";
my $user = "admin";
my $passw = "infoblox";


my $session = Infoblox:Smiley Frustratedession->new(
     master => $host_ip,
     username => "$user",
     password => "$passw", );

unless ($session) {
     die("Session Fail: ",
     Infoblox::status_code() . ":" . Infoblox::status_detail());

my $w = $session->Infoblox::status_code();
print "State: $w \n";
print "################# \n";
$w = $session->Infoblox::status_detail();
print "Detail: $w \n";

my $result = $session->export_data(
     type => "dnsStats",
     path => "dnsStats.tar.gz",
     member => $host_ip,



NIOS Version 7.3.6
Perl Version: Active Perl 5.22
SO Client: Windows 8.1



Re: Infoblox Perl API can't get dns statistics (tgz) trough MGMT

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hello Elop

I cannot check right now but I seem to recall that if you use MGMT port to establish the session, the member IP still needs to be the LAN IP of the box, you would need to amend your script accordingly. Could you confirm you tried this setup ?


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