Infoblox REST API for GET Method

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Hi Experts,


I am pretty new to Infoblox. We are trying to Integrate with Infoblox through REST API( only GET Method). I was trying to GET the location, usage, comment parameters values for all Subnets(network)each time REST Integration Runs. I am not sure whether I got the right API or not. Please correct me. The goal is to  get all subnets available in infoblox with its respective data.





Please correct me!!!


Re: Infoblox REST API for GET Method

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Have you looked at the sticky "The definitive list of REST examples" post yet?


 It may help clarify how to do what you're trying to do.  I'd also suggest reading the GET section of the WAPI docs on your gridmaster.



There's kind of a lot going wrong in the GET example you posted. Here's the list as I see it.


Your version string has an extra 'b' in it (typo?).  If you're on WAPI 1.7, it should be 'v1.7'.


Your first _return_fields parameter is missing the center '_' and the ending 's'


Each option set in the URL is missing an '&' character , and it's missing an '&' between it and the next parameter. It should look like "key1=val1&key2=val2&keyX=valX".


You've got an extra _return_fields option before _max_results with no value on it.


There's a semi-colon before _max_results that should just be an '&'.  And _max_results is missing the '_' at the beginning.


There's no 'location' field on a network object. Is this an extensible attribute you have defined? If so, use _return_fields=extattrs.


There's no 'usage' field on a network object either. This is likely something you're going to have to calculate based on the results of a different type of query. What do you mean by usage in this case?




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