Is there a better way to generate DNS records from NetMRI?

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Our appliance supports a few thousand devices. We generate in our internal view of DNS (also Infoblox) the DNS names for our router interfaces so if someone does a lookup on something like: host It will come back with vlan3-router.domain. It helps our NOC troubleshoot and gives local computer support people much needed information.


In order to generate those DNS records from NetMRI this is what I am having to do the following pseudocode through the WAPI:

---- code ----

for all infra_devices with DeviceAssurance > 72:   # need SNMP name

  for all interfaces in each infra_device:   # need interface name

    for all IP address on each interface:     # need IP address

       generate the appropriate Infoblox NIOS CSV import line.

diff output from last time it ran.

take changes and push to NIOS.

--- code ----


We have over 11000 layer 3 interfaces. The program takes a long time to run. I can try new hardware but is this approach to generate DNS from NetMRI information?

Re: Is there a better way to generate DNS records from NetMRI?

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It’s probably slow because you are making an API call for each device to get interfaces and then for each interface to get IPs. Try adding ”include=interfaces,if_addrs” to the first API call. This should add two additional arrays to the return value in addition to ”devices” - ”interfaces” and ”if_addrs” which will be the ones relevant to those devices. You can then create hashes (dictionaries in Python) by ID that point to the object. I think there is an example of this somewhere in the Perl tutorials.

It should make a dramatic difference in the performance.
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