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Modify Discovered Data for an IPAM address

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I have been looking throught the API documentation trying to determine where the data is for Discovered data.  I would like to be able to modify those values.  Has anyone been able to determine which object holds this data that can be modified?


Thank you

Re: Modify Discovered Data for an IPAM address

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From the RESTful API documentation for an IPv4 address (where discovered data for an IP is stored):



The discovered data for this address.




A/An Discovered data struct.


The field is not searchable.



discovered_data cannot be updated.

discovered_data cannot be written.


You should be able to find/return the data from this field but it is not able to be modified as this would impact the integrity of the discovery data in general.


What is your use case? Perhaps you can add/update additional Extensible Attribute fields to add/modify the data you would like to display?


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