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New Powershell module, Posh-IBWAPI

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I am trying to understand writing the script to update dns upon failover in Doubletake.  I found the wapi and Function Set-IBDNSARecord.  I am truly sunk as i don't know the language first and foremost but also because everything i try needs another module loaded.  Can anyone advise on direction to take as I am running out of time and hoping someone has encountered something similar and can shine some light.


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Re: New Powershell module, Posh-IBWAPI

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I thought i had better give you more information.  The software double take is on two servers say DT1 and DT2.  It has a job that copies particular files from DT1 to DT2 continuously.  If an error is found there is a place for a failover script that should tell IB to redirect traffic to DT2 and then there is a place for the failback script upon issues being fixed\resolved

I have put into IB that if DT1 is down route to DT2 but DT has its own parameters for initiating failover.


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