Operational AD authorization

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Dear Infoblox team,


Our organization uses an Active Directory and an Infoblox appliance.

When I add records to DNS or DHCP via Infoblox I am using the credentials of a local Infoblox user.

My local infoblox users does not exist on the AD, and therefore each time I conduct an operation in its name I am getting an AD-authentication error in the Syslog. The operation IS being done in such case and is shown in IPAM as it sould, but AD does not always get updated.


My question is, do I need to work with an AD-acknowledged user to get my changes synched with our Microsoft servers or is a local Infoblox user sufficient.


Re: Operational AD authorization

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You might have external Authentication towards AD enabled?

Change the order in the Authentication policy, so that Local is above the AD authentication.



Re: Operational AD authorization

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I'm pretty sure that you'll need to configure GSS-TSIG updates between your Infoblox and AD environments; take a look at the "Supporting Active Directory" section of the admin guide.

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