Perl API - Move Host Record

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Hi there,


How do I programmatically, using the Perl API, access the MAC address & DHCP Enabled for a DNS Host record? (highlighted in the attached) It doesn't appear to be in Infoblox:Smiley Very HappyNS::Host


We are using VMWare SRM and I am trying to move a Host record from one subnet to another but when I update the ipv4addr the Host record moves fine, but the MAC address & DHCP Enabled both become empty.


Any assistance would be appreciated.infoblox.png

Re: Perl API - Move Host Record

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The host object has one or more subobjects, one for each IP address.  The subobjecs are an array of "ipv4addr" or "ipb6addr" objects, and are accessible by the ipv4addrs() or ipv6addrs() methods.


I suspect the SRM is deleting and recreating the host object, and not preserving the addresses / subobjects.

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