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RESTful API fetching Fixed Address?

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I am running NIOS 7.2.3. When I attempted to use GET to search for a Fixed Address that I created via GUI, I get the following error message:


Request finished with error, response code: 400 Bad Request

Error message: AdmConProtoError: Illegal object type (fixedaddress)


I am feeding it the following search fields, although I think it's not even used, since the object type 'fixedaddress' was not even recognized:


{"ipv4addr": "", "network_view": "default"}


I searched this forum for some keywords, and it seems like in some previous versions (NIOS 6.x) it was not possible to use this WAPI to create a Fixed Address. I am not certain if this is still the case.


Thanks in advance for any tips.




Re: RESTful API fetching Fixed Address?

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I've solved my own problem, I was referencing wapi version 1.0, when I moved to version 2.2.1 this code works.

Re: RESTful API fetching Fixed Address?

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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When you specify the rest version you are telling the server what calls you expect it to respond to.


fixedaddress wasn't in the v1.0 API, but was introduced later. it would probably work if you asked for v1.2 or higher.


you don't need to use the 'latest' version, just whatever version you know your object is supported. (hint: check the docs)


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