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Read Only API User

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Hi there,


It's possible to have a "read only" user to access a minimal scope of records through the WAPI? I was expecting something like a user who can only use GET methods or just access a specific view/domain for example.


Our security officer is really harsh when it's about providing access to Infoblox and I would really like to integrate some queries like real TTL, zone info, etc with our other tools.


The Infoblox interface and the WAPI both relies in the same user authentication methods or anything similar?


Any type of help is really appreciated.


Re: Read Only API User

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You should be able to create a read only admin group, assign the desired permissions to the group based on the info from the Admin Guide, and then allow API access (depending on your NIOS version).


There are some nice guides to using the WAPI/PAPI here on the community portal.


Re: Read Only API User

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Is it possible to limit a user to specific times of the day? 

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