Recycle Bin exposed through WAPI?

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Is there a way to interact with the recycle bin through the WAPI?  Both in seeing the contents and perhaps restoring an object based on refstring?

Re: Recycle Bin exposed through WAPI?

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This API is currently only available via PAPI.  Additional objects such as this one are targeted for the next release.

Re: Recycle Bin exposed through WAPI?

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Do we know if the WAPI 2.7 or 2.9 support accessing the recycle bin now?

Re: Recycle Bin exposed through WAPI?

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This thread hasn't aged well.  Asking now for v2.11.2 of WAPI.  Specifically, I'd like to use the WAPI to export the entire list and be able to select an item from the list and reinstate it via WAPI.

I also don't see any obvious hooks in the current Perl API either.


Optionally, I'd like to have the ability to export the Recycle Bin thru the GUI, but I don;t see that either in NIOS 8.5.2.

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