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Request Grid Restart Status

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I'm trying to get the status of the grid to see if a restart is needed, and nothing is being returned.  Was wondering if there was a known bug? Or if I'm just not doing it right... I'm doing this in Powershell, grid is at 8.4.4-38683.


$URI = "https://infoblox.gsiccorp.net/wapi/v2.10.3/$($GridRef)?_function=requestrestartservicestatus"
$BODY = @{
"service_option" = "ALL"
$TheJSONData = ConvertTo-Json $BODY
$SVCstatus = Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $URI -Method Get -Body $TheJSONData -Credential $TheCredentials -ContentType 'application/json'


$SVCstatus returns nothing.  I think I should get back an object: restartservicestatus : Restart service status object


I have a function that actually restarts the services, which works great.  After making a change, I just set a variable to $true and look for that... but was actually looking to do a check in case someone made a change from the UI itself rather than my automated processes.





Re: Request Grid Restart Status

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Community Manager
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I'm not strong with powershell, and your example didn't come through well.  If you could, please post code examples in a code block, it keeps original formatting instead of doing emoticon conversions and all that.


You can ask for the restart status with this url:






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