Running Config after Scheduled Job NetMRI

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Good Morning,

The base level question is after a schedule job is executed against a device will the running_config property on the device reflect that change?  I'm currently in the process of developing an orchestrated event that creates scheduled job(s) against devices (the commands passed in are related to removing entries in the config), then I want to run a validation action that the commands did indeed remove the necessary components.  I plan on doing this by searching the running_config of the device, but was unsure if these changes will be captured by NetMRI immediately after they have been executed or would those changes only reflected when the device's designated poll time comes up?  If that was the case I assume i will need to go down the route of triggering a running config pull down before doing my search.



Re: Running Config after Scheduled Job NetMRI

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It usually takes about 15 minutes for any changes to uploaded to NetMRI.  It is not instantaneous.  You can certainly test this by making an harmless change like a port description and then refresh the config management --> config archive screen or trigger a get running config.


Hope this helps.

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