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Script to update options in a DHCP template

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I have very limited programming/scripting skills and would like know if someone has done something similar and can provide a sample script that will execute what is required.  A client needs to configure services gateway across thousands of remote sites that rely on DHCP option 41 to obtain their configuration data from a number of configuration servers as listed in this option.  The list of configuration servers will change as they are currently migrating these servers.  They would like to automate the process (no manual changes on the grid) using scripts and to execute the scripts in batches and only update a few sites at a time.  The current setup relies on a DHCP template. There is also a requirement for a rollback script.  Ideally a script using python.  Any help is appreciated.





Re: Script to update options in a DHCP template

TTiscareno Community Manager
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This is certainly doable but would require quite a bit of work to implement. If you consult with your Infoblox account (Sales) representative, they might be able to arrange time for you with our scripting experts who can help you with implementing this.

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