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The idea of the WAPI data _schema_version 2

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Lately I discovered that there is a enhanced version of the WAPI schema available.

I always found the idea interessting to make use of the &_schema for input validation and and more. It might be even possible for WAPI clients to write generic methods with no knowledge of the business objects. The client would need therefore a "data schema" or contract like WDSL in the old days. As Infoblox seems to put some more effort into that schema topic I would like to understand the idea behind.


Does anyone use the _schema today? How? Is there any python parser for its consumption?


Any input appriciated.





Re: The idea of the WAPI data _schema_version 2

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Hello Mario,


I personally only use the schema to check what I can use for WAPI calls, which, of course you can just look at the WAPI documentation for that information but sometimes it’s faster just to add the _schema=1


Also the body return of the WAPI call is in json or if you make a _return_type call then you can also get the body returned in json-prettyxmlxml-pretty–pretty. Python has a few different options I believe to parse json… all of which should work. Same with the other return types that can be returned.


Hope this helps,

Kevin Zettel

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