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Updating dozens of WAPI items 'simultaneously'. Issues?

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I have a thread below about code to update the IP address for a host record; this is to perhaps be used for VMware SRM, where you have a VM moving from one location to another, and need to update the DNS host record.


As a concept, that's fine, but what about in a real-life situation, and you have a production environment failing over to the DR datacenter, and dozens of VMs are executing their migration plans?  Each one would be running a little Python program that would be doing the host record update for the DNS records for themselves. 


I'm wondering if there is a limit to the ability to process these incoming requests, because if any of these are prone to failure because of simultaneous access/any other reason, then we need to use another method that is 100% bulletproof.  (I was thinking of IB in conjuection with F5 GTM/DNS, which can swap host targets based on which one is up; we've used this for other applications for active-active and active-passive; but the actual other mechanism isn't really relevant here.)


So, do you think hitting the IB with 25-50, who knows how many WAPI requests more or less at the same time would be something recommended as reliable?  The more I think about it, the less I like it.

Re: Updating dozens of WAPI items 'simultaneously'. Issues?

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This should be fine, the API was designed for it. You could test it if you want to be sure.


Another option would be to generate a CSV file containing all of the changes and import that via the API. That will make all of the changes at once.

Re: Updating dozens of WAPI items 'simultaneously'. Issues?

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It was designed for what exactly?  How many connections?  Are you saying 100 simultaneous WAPI connections updating separate host records would be fine?  Because that's what we're talking about.   If that is a normal event, then, excellent!


On the subject of a CSV file, I don't see how that would work.  There are two issues there:  First, depending on what is migrating, you would need perhaps different SRM VMs updated.  So, one large CSV isn't the answer; you would need one for each host to run as it moves.  And, when I tried that approach, I did get the CSV to upload fine, but then I didn't see a way to get it to execute on its own to actually update the host record.


Are you saying there's a way to actually upload a CSV file and also a command to tell it to execute the contents?  When you are running an SRM process, it needs to be 'someone pushes the button' on SRM, not, some with admin access to Infoblox goes there and then executes a waiting CSV update.


Thanks for the comments!  SRM is made for use with DNS setups where there are ways to easily update records, and Infoblox doesn't come with that baked in, unfortunately.

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