VRA doesn't honour inherited DHCP options

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Hello, I have just got off the phone with a VRA integration architect and we have found that the subnets in Infoblox have to have the DHCP options (e.g. DNS servers and domain name) explicitly defined before vRA will "pull" them down as part of the "allocate" workflow. Is this expected behaviour?


I had the options defined at the grid level and inherited on each subnet, but VRA doesn't seem to work if they are inheritied - as soon as I override them it works. But now I have 100+ subnets to modify by hand or CSV.


Just seems a bit of a shame if it doesn't work with inherited options. I don't know if this is an Infoblox or VRA issue.





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Re: VRA doesn't honour inherited DHCP options

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This is correct and it is an Infoblox issue. There is a limitation with passing inherited options via the API. We are looking at possible ways to fix this but right now your solution is the only way (options set at the Network level).

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