WAPI call for vDiscovery

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Hello Experts,


Could someone point me to a curl example on how to create a vDiscovery task, that would connect to Openstack Keystone and then another call to run this task ? 


Thanks a lot

Re: WAPI call for vDiscovery

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Examples for WAPI calls for vDiscovery can be found in the Infoblox RESTful API guide, which is available through the help panel in your Grid Manager GUI, or in the Tech Docs section on the Infoblox Support site (


Providing a working example of a WAPI call to create the vDiscovery task is a bit more than what can be done here through the community forums. If you require assistance with developing this, you will want to consult with your Infoblox account (Sales) representative and they can help arrange this for you.


For an existing vDiscovery task, you would first need to get the ref ID for the task, which can be done using the following example (which uses curl):


curl -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET



This will return a list of all vDiscovery tasks, or you can filter on the vDiscovery task name in the call if you want to narrow it down. The ref ID for the task is required so that you can send the start command for the correct vDiscovery task, which would be done through a 'post'.





Additional information is provided in detail in the RESTful API guide.

Re: WAPI call for vDiscovery

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To Add to Tony's answer, below is an example call to create a vDiscovery job via WAPI -


curl -k1 -u user:pass -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://GMIP/wapi/v2.5/vdiscoverytask -d '{"name":"name_of_the_discovery_job","driver_type":"AWS","member":"gridmaster.localdomain","username":"enter_username_here","password":"passowrd_here","public_network_view_mapping_policy":"AUTO_CREATE","private_network_view_mapping_policy":"AUTO_CREATE","fqdn_or_ip":"aws_endpoint_name","protocol":"HTTPS","port":443,"update_metadata":true,"merge_data":true,"auto_consolidate_managed_vm":true,"auto_consolidate_managed_tenant":true,"auto_consolidate_cloud_ea":true}' 


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