WAPI to Create Ruleset for Blacklist

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Hi, I'm now trying to import domains through CSV files on the Infoblox virtual appliance, right now I can import domains to my predefined blacklist rulesets by using WAPI, however I can not find a way to automatically create a blacklist ruleset using WAPI, anyone can help?

Re: WAPI to Create Ruleset for Blacklist

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Hi, you can create the blacklist ruleset itself using CSV imports as well, in a similar manner as you have done for importing the rules.


This is a sample CSV file from the NIOS CSV Import Reference:

ruleset,NXD,NXDOMAIN,This is an NXDOMAIN ruleset,FALSE

Also, if you wanted to, in the same CSV file you could first define the ruleset, then add rules to it, as per below:

ruleset,BlackListName,NXDOMAIN,This is an NXDOMAIN ruleset,FALSE


One thing to keep in mind is, a ruleset needs to be defined first in the CSV file before any rules belonging to it (eg in a higher row).


I hope this helps.

Re: WAPI to Create Ruleset for Blacklist

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I need this feature too in the WAPI. The CSV import feature is a manual process and not adequate.

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