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python create ipam host without dns

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hello ,

I am trying to create ipam hosts by using python requests.I am using following code but i am getting Arguments can not be repeated (ipv4addrs) error. 

I looked at some topics but advised workarounds not working. Could you please tell me why i am getting this error?


param={"ipv4addrs": [{"configure_for_dhcp": False,"ipv4addr": ip}],'configure_for_dns':False,"name": "fqdn"}
rest_url="https://manager/wapi/v1.0/record:host", auth=(user2,passw2),headers=header,params=param,verify=False)

Re: python create ipam host without dns

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Here is a sample python code to create a host record.

import requests
requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings()  # Disable SSL warnings in requests #
url = ""
payload = "{\"name\":\"\",\"ipv4addrs\": [{\"configure_for_dhcp\":false,\"ipv4addr\":\"\"}],\"configure_for_dns\":false}"
headers = {'content-type': "application/json"}
response = requests.request("POST", url, auth=('admin', 'Infoblox'), data=payload, headers=headers, verify=False)

Hope this helps,

Krishna Vasudevan

Re: python create ipam host without dns

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 Hello ,


When use your sample code i am getting this following error:

    "text": "Unknown argument/field: '{\"name\":\"\",\"ipv4addrs\": [{\"configure_for_dhcp\":false,\"ipv4addr\":\"\"}],\"configure_for_dns\":false}'", 
    "code": "Client.Ibap.Proto", 
    "Error": "AdmConProtoError: Unknown argument/field: '{\"name\":\"\",\"ipv4addrs\": [{\"configure_for_dhcp\":false,\"ipv4addr\":\"\"}],\"configure_for_dns\":false}'"

Can you share with me  your python and requests version?

Thanks for your help.

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