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update (extattrs+, extattrs-) extensible attributes using WAPI

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Hi guys,


I'm trying to update an extensible attributes for fixedaddress object using WAPI PUT request:




My json data:


    "comment": "",
    "extattrs-": {
        "ea_request_id": {}
    "extattrs+": {
        "ea_last_modified_at": {
            "value": "2020-01-08 07:56:10.436350+00:00"


I'm expecting that ea_request_id will be removed from this object, however it looks like that extattrs- part is always ignored, because in the response I'm getting the ea_request_id with the old value. 

ea_last_modified_at every time is updated successfully.


Question: Can we use extattrs+ and extattrs- in the same request?



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