AWS test drive - vDiscovery

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I have performed vDiscovery in the test drive however it didn’t work.
If I set “default” as network view, I can see error message from syslog “Overlapped VPCs encountered with direct network view mapping option, entire discovered dataset discarded. (Overlapping within discovered dataset)”.
However when I have selected “the tenant’s network view” it worked.
But then I can’t create the record for the discovered instance as it is in different network view.

Anyone has idea?


Re: AWS test drive - vDiscovery

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The Infoblox test drive for AWS feature is a pre-configured environment which is shared across multiple test drive sessions. As a result, conflicts with vDiscovery data can occur and is actually a common use case that many administrators run into when services are deployed in the cloud (between on-prem and the cloud or even with multiple subscriptions within the cloud).

Configuring the vDiscovery task to use a separate Network View helps by allowing the system to isolate the networks that may be in conflict with each other. You can then proceed to use the DNS view associated with the network view that was created for this vDiscovery task for your DNS records (recommended here for the test drive), or a more advanced configuration to allow DNS queries from one network view to resolve records in the other network view can also be done.

Updates to the test drive environment are also planned which should help reduce the occurrence of these conflicts.

Re: AWS test drive - vDiscovery

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I have discussed only a couple of the many Test Drive labs that are presently accessible for you to utilize. Make certain to look at our Big Data, Microsoft, and Security labs to see our most current labs.

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