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  1. What happens when we have a hub and spoke connection where multiple vpc’s are aggregated through a parent Amazon account. Does the infoblox proxy know how to call the right sub account?

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if you're talking about vdiscovery, this works through specific AWS IAM accounts and is rights based. As long as the vdiscovery member can access the service endpoint which is public then no problem. If we're talking about a CPA appliance, API proxied calls are network routed. once the API calls hit the target CPA appliance the grid takes over and is pure networking. The CPA appliance will also queue in the event there is a hicup or lapse in access to the GM.


Does this answer the question?

Re: amazon vpc question

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To add to this- if spinning up an instance using API proxy (whether it be through your Grid Master or a CP (Cloud Platform) appliance, you would specify the VPC that the instance should be launched in. For vDiscovery, this is reported on during the vDiscovery process and is learned automatically so nothing is required in order for NIOS to learn this.


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It's 2 because the security group for the Windows instance isn't port 22 (SSH)

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