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Hello.  With app migrations, updates, etc., my team ends up making DNS changes for developers at all hours of the night.  An example is the developers roll out a change which moves an app to a new server partition and when they are done testing they call us to change a CName to point to the new server partition.  The exact time of the change is very random.  We log into the Grid, make the CName DNS change, and notify the requestor it is done.


I would like to be able to take the call to our team to make the change after their testing out of the process.  I would like to somehow script the change prior to their work and send the developer a button in an email which would allow them to hit the button and make the change when they are ready.  Maybe have a second button in the email that would revert the change should they need to revert.


Anyone ever do something like this?  or have an idea how to do something like this?



Re: DNS changes from email link

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Hi Jdevyor,


While most mail clients refuse script embedding, I think we can work around this.


Assuming the script to make the change is ready, convert the script to executable, and try the below:


1. Place the script in a location accessible/reachable from the email recepient's device

2. Add a button image to the email

3. Into the image, insert a link pointing to the file with the full path (from recipient's perspective)

4. Send


Once he/she receives the email, clicking on the "linked" button image will trigger the executable.


Depending on the mail client's security policies, the click action may pop a warning for opening hyperlinks or running unsigned executables.


I'm not sure how effective this would be for your requirement, but this worked for me in a closed network.


Hope this helps

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