Importing DNS forward and reverse zones using Powershell

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Hey Community,


Be warned I am very new to Powershell (and Infoblox).


I have a working Powershell script that imports DNS forward and reverse zones, but they're manually typed in the script ( ex. $rvs_zones=@("zone1name","zone2name" etc..). I was wondering if there was a way to, instead of type all the zones out, put them all in a text file, one zone on each line, and have the script pull them line-by-line. That way it would be easier to reuse.


Thank you!

Re: Importing DNS forward and reverse zones using Powershell

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Not sure if you are still looking, but I have written a lot of scripts that do a ton of the heavy lifting for getting records into InfoBlox from Active Directory DNS.

But I'm not entirely sure what your script is doing.  Is it just grabbing the records of the specified zones, and importing them?  Is it setting the zones up?  

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