SQL Access?

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We are working on migrating to Infoblox for IPAM and I am running into some difficulty with the API.  Currently, we are using a large SQL database for our IP information, as well as a lot of other info.  Is it possible to access the Infoblox data via SQL or do I have to stick with the API?  I am doing this with PHP if that makes a difference.  What I am trying to do is similar to the following: "SELECT ip FROM Infoblox WHERE site like '%something%' and status = 'Unused' and comment like '%some comment%'"


Basically we have A LOT of IP blocks assigned based on a geographical layout, then within the multitude of blocks available for each location, we have smaller blocks, or parts of a block, allocated to different types of service.  I tried creating a host using next_available_ip, and including the extattrs filter, but that did not work.


We are not using this for DHCP or DNS, we have other systems that are doing that.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: SQL Access?

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I tried to use:



Add a HOST with next_available IP address from a network
using a complex search ( e.g Extensible Attributes ).

You need to pass the search criteria in the _object_parameters field
not also that '_object' changes from a reference to a type

 POST /wapi/v1.2/record:host
 Content-Type: application/json

    { "name":"",
            ipv4addr" : {
                "_function" : 'next_available_ip' ,
                "_object_field" : 'value' ,
                "_object" : 'network'
                "_object_parameters" : {
                    "*Site" : "Santa Clara"
                "_parameters" : {
                   "num" : 1,
                   "exclude" : [ '' , '' ],

by sending 

{"name":"some host","ipv4addrs":{"ipv4addr":{"_function":"next_available_ip","_object_field":"value","_object":"network","_object_parameters":{"*Site":"the site"},"_result_field":"ips","_parameters":{"num":"1"}}}}

but I get 

Requests_Response Object
    [body] => { "Error": "AdmConProtoError: Result set too large (> 1000)", 
  "code": "Client.Ibap.Proto", 
  "text": "Result set too large (> 1000)"
    [raw] => HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request


in return.


Re: SQL Access?

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As far as I can tell, the Infoblox IPAM is not based on a SQL database, so direct access would not be possible.



It was not clear to me wether your issue is with the one time migration or with daily usage.


For a migration, I'd use the SQL database you have to generate CSV files to import them in the IPAM (see Infoblox CSV Import Reference).


Hope this helps.

Re: SQL Access?

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I spoke with the Infoblox support team and they said it does use SQL, but they do not provide any type of access to it to their customers.  This is not just for the migration, but for day to day operations.

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