Using ansible to create DHCP range

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Hello all,


I have been trying out the new infoblox integrations with Ansilbe 2.5 and can't seem to find anything for setting up a dhcp range inside the networks I setup in infoblox with the playbook below. Am I missing something?


Example playbook follows.


- hosts: ipam-01
  connection: local
    - nios_network:
        network: "{{ }}"
        comment: "{{ item.comment }}"
           Site: YYY
         - name: domain-name
        state: present
          username: username
          password: somepass
        - { network: xx.xx.xx.xx/24, comment: 'Site - Main' }
        - { network: xx.xx.xx.xx/24, comment: 'Site - Phones' }



Re: Using ansible to create DHCP range

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For Ansible 2.5, the NIOS modules includes NIOS_Network which allows you to create networks but this does not include support for DHCP ranges. The reason for this is that a range is not required for Ansible as a network alone is enough to enable it to pull next available IP address for the given subnet. If you create a network and then a Host record pulling an address from that network, it will work. A DHCP range would only be needed to support actual DHCP clients.




Re: Using ansible to create DHCP range

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what if I want to configure a dhcp range for a vlan? why I just can't add another task for example to vlan provsioning. is it in the road-map?

Re: Using ansible to create DHCP range

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Useful information, thanks!

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