What would you invest in learning, Open shift, Splunk , Infoblox?

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I've doing K8S tools for the last 3 years and I am not sure which of those 3 ( openshift, splunk or infoblox) would add more value to my Skillset. At this point I don't want invest more effort in learning or mastering K8S and just want to jump into something else.

Openshift . Pros - easier to learn given my k8s exp and the $ rate is above devops rates . Cons - I don't see many jobs requiring it.

Splunk . Pros - very valuable $$$$ niche skill . Cons - Takes a lot in time/$$$$ wise to learn it .

Infoblox - I had some experience in the past , and I've seen a couple of roles in the market paying above market rate for this skillset .

What do you think ?

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