1410 virtual machines in MS Azure

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Based on Infoblox engineering,

it is not possible to run 1410 virtual machines in MS Azure.

Is there a reason why?

No issues with 820's and 1420's

Re: 1410 virtual machines in MS Azure

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Each model appliance made available undergoes thorough testing before it is officially released. These must also be able to provide at least the same performance as the equivalent hardware model for that given appliance and the 'shapes' (machine sizes) that are available in the public cloud (this applies to both Azure and AWS) limit how these can be structured.


In the case for making the 1410 model appliance available along with the 1420, the same shape would be used for the 1410 and the 1420, making the compute costs the same and eliminating the benefit for deploying a smaller model applaince. The same applies for the 810/820 and 2210/2220.




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