Auto provision subnets in Azure Vnet

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Is it possible from an on-premises Infoblox device, to connect to an existing Microsoft Azure virtual network and determine the next available /2x subnet, then automatically provision that subnet within the VNet?

We have a /19 VNet in Azure and want to be able to microsegment our network so that each app has its own subnet. We do not want to have to manually create each /27 or /28 subnet and are looking for some automation around this process and need to know if our existing Infoblox hardware can accomplish this task. If so, how?

Re: Auto provision subnets in Azure Vnet

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The vDiscovery feature can be used to keep track of all vNets in Azure and this will populate in the IPAM data in NIOS. NIOS does have two functions that you may be able to leverage from here:


  • get next available network
  • get next available IP

While this would require a custom solution, you could certainly pull the next available network for a vNet via the API and this would enable you to create the corresponding subnet in Azure. vDiscovery would then pick this up on its next run, keeping the IPAM data up to date.


If this is something that you would like to explore, your Infoblox account (Sales) team would be able to help line up whatever resources may be required to complete the implementation.




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