Azure Discovery

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I am using the "Azure_vNIOS_Install.pdf" guide to set up a demo for a customer. I have a single Ubunti vm running in Azure. I have successfully created a vDiscovery job with Service Endpoint, Client ID and Client Secret details. The vDiscovery job runs without error but does not report anything. In the syslog I see Number of TENANT, Number of VM etc all at 0.


There is a subsequent section in the guide "Adding vDiscovery Application as a New User". I don't believe that I have done that but the screen shots in the guide do not match what I see in the Azure portal.


Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Azure Discovery

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There have been some changes to this in the Azure Portal since that guide was published. Please take a look at the new Deployment Guide: Deploy vNIOS in Azure Using ARM Templates. The section on Infoblox vDiscovery for Azure has updated screenshots and step-by-step guidance on App Registration and assigning permissions.

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