Azure appliance as NTP server

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Hello All,


Is it recommended to have Azure Grid master as an NTP server? An year ago, we were told by Microsoft that it's not a recommended setup becuase of the network/VM latency. I just want to know this from Infoblox perspective.


I could not find any documentation regarding this in the admin guide oranywhere online.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!!






Re: Azure appliance as NTP server

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I am currently running Azure vNIOS boxes in our environment as NTP servers and have had no issues to date.

Re: Azure appliance as NTP server

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It is generally recommended to pull NTP from at least three different sources, from as many different locations as possible. Latency is factored in when time is polled and by pulling time from different locations, this allows for a more accurrate application of time updates.


Infoblox appliances can certainly be used to provide NTP services; however, distributing this across as many different areas as possible is definitely recommended.




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