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Hi guys,
I am performing a hybrid cloud integration with an azure environment and an on-premises grid through NAT GROUP.
The member performs all operations prior to joining the Grid such as checking software version, release timing and platform compatibility.
At the end of all synchronization the member enters the Grid but then goes offline.
I researched the logs in the support bundle and is there some errors, where: 191.234.x.x (public IP AZURE MEMBER ) (private IP AZURE MEMBER)

NIOS RELEASE 8.3.6-385000

NAT Compatibility = ENABLE (ON MEMBER)



[2019/08/29 20:34:57.425] (10137 /infoblox/one/bin/firewall) : Firewall disallow openvpnblock 191.234.x.x
[ TIME NOT KNOWN ] (10031) main.c:sigterm_handler{}: DB Journal Daemon received SIGTERM....
[2019/08/29 20:34:57.431] (26898 /infoblox/one/bin/clusterd) master.c:1801 cd_replica_logout(): Cluster logout for node, for node configuration change.
[2019/08/29 20:34:57.431] (26898 /infoblox/one/bin/clusterd) snmp_trap.c:1392 one_send_snmp_trap(): Sending state change trap for - ID_Grid (The grid member is not connected to the grid master.) from 4 to 5


Can anyone help me to troubleshoot ?


Thank you.

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