Openstack Cloud Adapter - Ubuntu support?

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Hi All,


I am currently running Openstack Liberty on multiple Ubuntu 14.04 LTS servers, do you know if Infoblox Cloud Adapter is compatible?


Documentation states that they support Redhat Openstack 5.





Re: Openstack Cloud Adapter - Ubuntu support?

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The support site is out of date and in the process of being updated. As of Liberty, pluggable IPAM is a core OpenStack feature, and we have a driver for it. The driver is developed and managed via the standard OpenStack processes, and is supported for Liberty and later.


See here:


(note that the docs link on PyPi is incorrect; this will be fixed with the 2.0.3 version coming out in the next month or two)





Re: Openstack Cloud Adapter - Ubuntu support?

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Openstack Cloud Adapter is fully supported in ubuntu. It is the fast save file in the server. For instant support related to the Change AOL Mail Password please contact our technical expert for the best solution.

Re: Openstack Cloud Adapter - Ubuntu support?

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yes Openstack Cloud Adapter is comptabile 

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