Openstack Kilo Integration support

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Hi Team,


Am looking for the details for integration of Infoblox DDI with Openstack Kilo release, however am unable to find the same.

Could anybody confirm whether the adaptor is available for Openstack Kilo integration with DDI, if yes then kindly share more details.



Re: Openstack Kilo Integration support

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Kilo is not officially supported. We have Icehouse, Juno, and now Liberty support. However, there are unsupported proof-of-concept Kilo versions of the adapter:


with some additional changes:


Can you tell me more about the project and your plans (here or in a private message)?


Liberty support does not require any patches to Neutron, since we integrated a pluggable IPAM framework into Liberty upstream codebase. Prior releases require using a patched Neutron.



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