Unknown SSL Protocol Error - vDiscovery on Azure

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Complete discovering for task name: Sandbox Test 2, result: PycURL error: (35, 'Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to ')


Has anyone had this error before while trying to do a vDiscovery with Azure?


Not much in the error message.  I did a tcpdump and there isnt much in there aside from a RST when the devices tries to go to, from microsoft.  Trying to validate the cert? 



Re: Unknown SSL Protocol Error - vDiscovery on Azure

TTiscareno Community Manager
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It looks like your endpoint address is invalid. The endpoint address for Azure vDiscovery corresponds to the OAUTH 2.0 TOKEN ENDPOINT from your Azure Active Directory app endpoints. Be sure to check out the Azure Deployment Guide available on the Infoblox web site:


There is a section that walks through how this is all setup on the Azure side.




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