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Using Infolox Plugin with vRO (without vRA)

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We are implementing VMware vRealize Orchestrator in our environment along itht he Infoblox integration. We don't have vRealize Automation. Is there any guide availabel to configure Infoblox-vRO integration without using vRA ?

Re: Using Infolox Plugin with vRO (without vRA)

TTiscareno Community Manager
Community Manager
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The workflows run by the plugin install in vRA and can be run without vRO. However, vRA is a required component in order for the plugin to work.




Re: Using Infolox Plugin with vRO (without vRA)

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You can use IPAM vRO Plug-in even if you do not have vRA in your enviromnent. I've used it years ago to automate the virtual machine deployment of a customer running on a vSphere environment. I'm pretty sure that you can find thousands of other use cases.


There is a difference between using vRO + IPAM Plugin and the native vRA+IPAM Plugin integration. vRA itself has a local IPAM to manage IP addresses delivered to virtual machines provisioned. This IPAM can be modified to use Infoblox IPAM as a backend. In order to achieve this, you use preparation workflows provided on IPAM plug-in to run all needed configuration and integrate Infoblox and vRA. On the other hand, there is "external workflows" (outside vRA folder) that can be used (invoked) on-demand, from vRO UI or other external method. 


The current documentation (here: can give you the directions to start with plugin on vRO. You do not necessarily need to follow the vRA instructions. Once you have the plugin configured (chapter 4) on your standalone vRO you'll be ok to use the provided workflows (outside the vRA folder) to deploy your orchestrations. 



Hope this helps,

Paulo Costa

Re: Using Infolox Plugin with vRO (without vRA)

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Hi Paolo,


is this still possible? I couldn't find out how.



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