vRO 7 IPAM 3.2.1 plugin integration

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vmware vRO7 integration with IPAM plugin 3.2.1

Our workflow for get ip from range for VM fails with "

Script execution error on workflow : Reserve an
IP in network for VM / 'getTenantNameFromVCACHost'(item3) : 403 Forbidden (Dynamic Script Module name : getTenantNameFromVCACHost#4)"


Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this ...and whats causing our IPAM workflows to fail ?


Re: vRO 7 IPAM 3.2.1 plugin integration

TTiscareno Community Manager
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Assuming that the connection is reaching your Infoblox server, there may be a permissions issue with the account that the plugin is using to connect to NIOS. The audit logs from your Infoblox Grid Master may provide more details as to why the connection is being refused. If the connection is not reaching your Infoblox server, verify that there are no firewalls or other network security devices which may be blocking the connection attempts.




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