vRO (Plug-in 4.3): No network views found

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We are trying to integrate Infoblox plug-in 4.3. When we try to query address space, we are not getting default network view. But on infoblox we can see default network view is available. Any idea what could be the reason here why default view is not listed? Could be permissions? please share your thoughts on this.....


2018-07-25 22:17:36.882+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-16] WARN {|__SYSTEM|cafe-j-gZ33fqHw@vsphere.local:Get Address Spaces:28f971c7-b1f5-492d-9c1e-be8e75d9d32d:token=c55db857-e3e3-441e-b262-49c723ad9bd3} [HttpMethodBase] Going to buffer response body of large or unknown size. Using getResponseBodyAsStream instead is recommended.
2018-07-25 22:17:36.883+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-16] INFO {|__SYSTEM|cafe-j-gZ33fqHw@vsphere.local:Get Address Spaces:28f971c7-b1f5-492d-9c1e-be8e75d9d32d:token=c55db857-e3e3-441e-b262-49c723ad9bd3} [IpamViewManager] 0 network view(s) were found while searching by extensible attributes.
2018-07-25 22:17:36.886+0000 [WorkflowExecutorPool-Thread-16] INFO {|__SYSTEM|cafe-j-gZ33fqHw@vsphere.local:Get Address Spaces:28f971

Re: vRO (Plug-in 4.3): No network views found

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This only provides a limited view into what may be going on here but what stands out to me is "while searching by extensible attributes". There are a number of extensible attributes that are required for the plugin to work properly and unexpected results can be seen if any of these are missing.


If you have not already done so, you might find it helpful to review the deployment guide for the Infoblox plugin for VMware:


In there, you will find a listing of required extensible attributes and their associated type. For your reference:


VMware NIC index (integer)
VMware resource ID (string)
VMware On-Demand Network (string)
VMware Network Profile (string)
VMware External Network Profile ID (string)
VMware External Range ID (string)
VMware Request ID (string)
VMware Blueprint Request ID (string)



Verify that all of these exist and that they are set correctly.


If you continue to struggle with this, I would recommend consulting with Infoblox Support and they can help with reviewing logs in more detail.




Re: vRO (Plug-in 4.3): No network views found

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we will give a try, thanks Tony, 

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